Increase your revenue by 20% without one new customer


Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Based on 12 years of analysing customer data we know its true. Its actually on the low side. And it makes sense. There is GOLD left sitting idle within your current customers.

To make it even more attractive you don’t need new sales people, new customers or additional marketing spend. Incremental revenue falls direct into your bottom line. Its called “backend” marketing because its targeted at people who know you, your products, service and should convert more easily. It’s the most profitable form of marketing but is often ignored. M&T Growth Partners identified how one client could triple profits with a mix of revenue opportunities plus fixing poorly structured pricing.

It always seems ironic that growth causes complexity because you do lots and when you do lots (sometimes poorly) you stop growing because your business gets too complex!

Understanding customer insights about your sales is highly profitable, gives your business real focus. So why don’t businesses do it?

  • Very busy and certainly no time
  • Doing lots of “stuff” but not confident its the highest value stuff
  • Looking for sales growth..but frustrated as its illusive or very expensive.
  • Wasting time fixing/compensating poor implementation of initiatives
  • More time thinking about the “cost” rather than “value”

Sound familiar? M&T Growth Partners have never found data we couldn’t work with. Sometimes its not perfect but its workable. We have never failed to find opportunity and loads of it. More importantly a deep dive into your data can tell you where you are wasting resources too. It simplifies a business that has become complex.

What a client gets are:

  • Quantification of issues and what its costing. How big is the hole in profits?
  • Insights on how to fix the issues.
  • What these opportunities are worth
  • A predictive model of the future. In steady state and if opportunities are fixed.
  • A blueprint for growth. An action plan.

We charge a fixed fee for the above stages and some clients may qualify for M&T to work on a performance basis for ongoing implementation. We back ourselves with the right clients.

With experience in many sectors we will have come across a business like yours.

If you have more than 2000 customers, their details and regular transactions (buy something) more than once per year then you have a big upside sitting unrealised in your business. Its likely you are missing the BIG OPPORTUNITY to fuel the next stage of your growth.

Two to three years of invoices and a customer file in digital format are needed. That’s all. If you have information on quotes, meetings, services and any other forms of interactions then great but its not essential.