We guarantee to find at least 10% pa sales growth from your existing clients, otherwise no fee.

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Our approach provides a roadmap for growth

We require very little of your time. All we need is, as much data as possible to improve your business results.

We turn big data into commercial insights, which allows companies to make informed decisions, to realise a dynamic growth agenda.

M&TGP has worked with a large number of enterprise and SME clients since we started in 2005.

Without exception we are able to extract from a company’s data a pathway to creating significant revenue growth.

Our clients past and present find working with M&TGP provides a fresh perspective and focus.

Our Approach

We have a three stage process to data analytics, designed to highlight the underlying drivers within the business.

We rigorously interrogate the data to build a picture of the trends being displayed within customers buying behaviour. And from that predict the outcome on top line revenue into the immediate future.

Knowing what levers to pull and the potential value associated to them, allows us to give our clients a commercially based Blueprint which forms the strategy and implementation plan to kick start growth.

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Types of Growth Portfolio Engagement

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  1. A quantitative analysis that examines the recent history of the company’s revenue, usually over 3-4 years.
  2. It performs a deep dive into the revenue composition of the business.
  3. It identifies what is happening with your customer base, including customer value, retention/churn, lifetime value and product mix
  4. The Growth Probe will highlight where the company is strong, its weaknesses, and the immediate opportunities you need to garner quick wins.
  5. Engagement reflects the complexity of the business and the depth of data. Our experience across multiple sectors, has given us the ability to reveal powerful insights and opportunities at a significant ROI.
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  1. Where could the future prosperity of the business lie?
  2. Using the findings from the Growth Probe, we can confidently predict the future position of the business if the status quo remains the same.
  3. Equally by embedding individual or a series of growth initiatives we can compare where the business could be over the same time frame
  4. In achieving growth, there are often multiple avenues that the business can pursue. As part of the future modelling, we can also extract a ROI analysis. This enables us to examine the financial and structural resources required to support incremental revenue pathways.
  5. Engagement reflects the number of models that are required but experience allows us to quickly identify realistic implementation pathways quickly and cost effectively.
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  1. A strategy and implementation plan for growth is an extension of our data work.
  2. The plan will be “customer centric” by nature. It will require the business to re-assess its current practices and processes.
  3. A Business Canvas will be worked through by identifying the key customer segments, value propositions and supports necessary for the business to attain its growth agenda.
  4. Measurement, test and learn will be a key discipline. A number of dashboards will be developed as a management tool.
  5. Engagement often reflects the extent of change required for a business to achieve different outcomes. Some teams find the clarity of this data driven growth simple, other more challenging but everyone finds it rewarding.
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What Our Clients say

Our Team

John Neal

John’s career spans 35 years and has seen him in leadership roles in multinational communication companies. His notable ability lies in driving businesses forward to generate strong returns and create competitive edge.

Tim Stanford

Tim co-founded M&T GP in 2005 believing that data was under utilized as a tool when developing growth strategies. He saw data insights as a key to understanding how to unlock growth, long before the term “Big Data” became fashionable.

Aaron Zamykal
Board advisor

Aaron has a strong background in a variety of industries including financial, technology, investment, human resources, aged care, health and education. Drawing from his experience, together with his passion for business innovation, Aaron currently owns an investment company and holds Directorships with businesses across hospitality, professional services, fresh food and a not-for-profit.

Peter Boehm
Board advisor

Peter is a seasoned business leader with over 30 years local and international experience in the SME and large business sectors.  He is a recognised finance expert with substantial expertise in business start-ups, turn-arounds, growth and development.

Wage Reis
Data Analyst & Business Intelligence Specialist

With Majors in Finance, Econometrics and Financial Planning, Wage combines statistical analysis, modelling and trend analysis to provide insights into sales patterns and customer trends.