Very little.

The Growth Probe process requires about 2 hours of management time at most. Once we have the data, we need to understand the definitions and discuss the top line figures.

What quality of data do you need?

Most businesses consider their data quality to be very poor, in our experience it is of a high quality. It is certainly good enough and complies with our methods.

We need all the information on invoices for the last 2 years, linked to a sales channel or person together with a customer file. We don’t require any manipulation, just raw data. Subject to the scope, more information is a bonus and certainly helps if we are looking at drivers of demand.

How long does the process take?

The process usually takes about 6 weeks, from the delivery of data to the final report.

Can we just do the Growth Probe?

You can, however we find most companies want an idea of where the future lies. They want insight into what steps they need to take, in order to get there.

Will you work with us on an ongoing basis?

We can work with companies in an ongoing capacity, we have a range of options that we can discuss with you. Implementation sometimes can be quite daunting so we can be instrumental in structuring a way of working with you

I am concerned about the sensitivity of my customer information

We work with a non- disclosure agreement.  This protects you from third parties, only M&T employees will have access to the information you provide us with.

We also return all files and data imports to you once the project has been completed.

What type of clients best suit your Growth portfolio of services?

The only requirement is that you have at least two years of recent sales and customer data.

We work with large, mid and smaller enterprises, including B2C and B2B companies.

What markets do you service?

We work with clients across all parts of Australia.

Can I get a testimonial from a client?

We have a broad range of testimonials on our web site. If you wish to talk to someone, we are always happy to connect you with a past or current client.