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“M&T GP gave us the confidence to embark on a new growth agenda as a result of their deep and commercially focused data work”

“M&T GP worked with our team for 3 years in the highly competitive PHI category. Their ability and experience in identifying the growth levers within the market, and then developing a plan to achieve these opportunities saw dramatic improvements in our bottom line.”

AHM - Dean Tillotson, EGM / CEO

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“After an extensive analysis of our sales channels and customer base they highlighted the issues, opportunities and most important the solutions.”

“It challenged our thinking but was presented as a very compelling story with a business case to fix it.”

RACV - Mark Geraghty, EGM

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“Their expertise in analytics, aligned with their pragmatic focus on commercial actions, gave us a very clear plan on achieving our targets”

“M&T GP did an extensive piece of quantitative work on analyzing our customer base and in turn highlighted areas of untapped profitability and conversely areas where we were performing poorly. This laid the groundwork for a commercial go to market plan with our Wizard Clear Advantage Credit Card Campaigns.

Their work was very insightful and lead to GE using M&T to help shape our very successful new customer acquisition program.”

GE Money - Mike Cutter, CEO


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“I am a huge believer in numbers and the work that M&T just made our issues and opportunities so clear and simple that we have focussed on a few things that will really make a big difference.”

“When the management team saw the work it just made so much sense to all of us. The outcome was really exciting and we now have a very clear path for growth over the next few years. Working with M&T is a pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending you should have a chat. especially if you have plenty of customers and products or services. They just make opportunities so simple to grasp.”

TrueBlue Direct - Mark Whitaker, CEO

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“Engaging M&T GP presented us with the potential we were missing within our own customer base. It quantified what sales were there for the taking that our competitors were stealing right under our noses.”

“So it was exciting to see where we could be taking the business and then re assuring when M&T GP worked with us in developing and help implement a new commercial program for our company. They have been just great to work with. Professional, experienced and very practical.”

Pak Rite - Bronte Hough, MD