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Refining customer mix

Through continuous overnight data analysis, we improved the profitability of credit card customer acquisition.

Ambitious targets for the launch of a new credit card were established, additionally the client wanted a more profitable customer mix. The latter, were people that left a balance of their card. Continuous analysis on creative, demographic of applications, time of day and day of week allowed us to refine all elements of the mix and improve profit mix.  Acquisition targets were smashed and the target exceeded by 69%.

Reversed a Decline

Reversed declining health insurance sales of –35%, to growth of 41% over 2 years.

In an incredibly competitive and undifferentiated market, a strong aggregator, detailed analytics and a comprehensive fact base allowed for better acquisition and retention. A focus on operator performance also led to an increase in call centre conversion from 24 to 37%.

Find customer gold

Focusing on less customers, showed sales growth of 50%.

A small SME distributor had allowed the business to become complicated with too many customers and too many products. Resources were being wasted with no return, as a result margins were suffering. Customer and product analytics demonstrated the profitable customers and the penetration gaps to grow these. Sales, profits and efficiency are now all getting stronger.

Focus on four

Just 4 initiatives, well executed can double profits.

A manufacturing business restructured their company and in the process some of their sales disciplines had suffered. A detailed analysis of the business revealed that a focus on four big opportunities could more than double the profits, all the metrics were very achievable with focus.